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Activated Carbon

Bubble Diffuser

  • Coarse Bubble Diffuser

    Type : Bubble Diffuser

    Thickness : 3mm

    Application : Exterior Decor

    Color : Blue

    Feature : Light Weight, Rust Proof, Shiny Look

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    Coarse Bubble Diffuser

  • Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser

    Bubble temperature tolerance : 85 Deg C

    Type of Bubble : Fine Bubble

    Operating Temperature : 35 Deg C

    Type of air discharge : Top air discharge

    Diffuser Support Color : Blue

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    Fine Bubble Disc Diffuser

  • Fine Bubble Tubular Diffuser

    Type : Tubular Diffuser

    Material : Metal

    Thickness : 2mm

    Color : Black, Blue

    Feature : Humidity Control, Long Life, Water Proof

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    Fine Bubble Tubular Diffuser

Other Products

  • MBBR Media

    Type of Media : MBBR, BIOPAC (FAB Media)

    MOC of India : Polypropylene , Virgin

    Specific Gravity : 0.9

    Shape : Cylindrical

    Height & Diameter : Dia 22mmx16mm Height

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    MBBR Media

  • Drainage Cell

    Type : Drainage Cell

    Material : 100% recycled polypropylene

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    Drainage Cell

  • Float Switch

    Color : Blue

    Mounting Options : Top Mount

    Electrical Endurance : 50000 Times

    Temperature : 0 to 80 Degree C

    Voltage : 220V

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    Float Switch

  • Fancy Pebbles

    Size : As per Requirement

    Type : Pebble Stone

    Material : Natural Stone

    Application : Walls Flooring

    Color : Mixed

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    Fancy Pebbles

  • Pressure Gauge

    Dial Size : 4-1/2"

    Accuracy : ±0.5% FS-ANSI Grade 2A

    Socket : 316SS or Monel 400

    Bourdon Tube : 316SS or Mone

    Lens : Laminated Safety Glass

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    Pressure Gauge

  • Plastic Pall Ring

    Material : PP

    Color : White

    Available Diameter : 25mm to 50mm

    Thickness : 3-4 mm

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    Plastic Pall Ring

  • PVC Tube Settler

    Cross Sectional Area : Horizontal -120mm Vertical 144mm

    MOC of Media : PVC

    Shape of Tube : Hexagonal

    Tube Fitting : Tongue and Groove

    Thickness : 1.0mm (+/-0.1mm)

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    PVC Tube Settler

  • Hydraulic Filter Press

    Treatment Plan : Effluent and Sewage Treatment Plan , Wastewater Treatment

    Ceramics : Clay, fine Earth , Marble and Granite

    Matallurgy : Electroplating and electro Polishing , Steel mill waste , Nickel

    Pharma Industries : Antibiotic , Syrup, Inter Mediates and Bulk Drugs

    Chemical & Dyes Industries : Basic Chemicals , Organic and Inorganic , Resins Enzymes

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    Hydraulic Filter Press

  • Acrylic Flow Rotameter

    Medium : Air

    Maximum Pressure : 8 bar(g)

    Maximum Temperature : 60 Deg C

    Flow Range : 0.2-2 LPM

    Graduation Units : LPM

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    Acrylic Flow Rotameter

  • Plastic Water Strainer

    Brand : V9D

    Size : 15mm

    Capacity : 500 LPH

    MOC : PP

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    Plastic Water Strainer

  • FRP Vessels

    Capacity : 1000 Ltrs

    Dimesions : 24 x 72inch, 30 x 72inch, 36 x 72inch

    Openings : 4 inch Opening (Top & Bottom)

    Colour Options : Blue & Natural Green

    Model No. : V9D-014

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    FRP Vessels

  • E Dose Dosing Pumps

    Dosing Rate @ 4 kg/cm2 : 1, 5, 3.0, 6.0, & 10.0 lph

    Section/Descharge tubing : 4/6 mm

    Frequency : upto 400 spm

    Electrical : 230 V AC, 50Hz

    Power Consumption at 400 spm : 30 Watts

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    E Dose Dosing Pumps

  • Sewage Treatment Plant
    It includes physical, biological and sometimes chemical processes to remove pollutants. Its aim is to produce an environmentally safe sewage water, called effluent, and a solid waste, called sludge or biosolids, suitable for disposal or reuse. Reuse is often for agricultural purposes,but more

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    Sewage Treatment Plant

  • Effluent Treatment Plant
    Effluent is generated in many manufacturing industries like textile, pharmaceuticals and chemicals, tanneries etc. Contaminated water cannot be released without treatment as it contains toxic and non-toxic chemicals. Releasing it may cause contamination of the existing pure water and will affect

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    Effluent Treatment Plant

  • Water Treatment Plant
    Water treatment plants are based on coagulation, flocculation and disinfection processes and found to be most cost effective in treating large quantities of water. However, they entail large infrastructure costs which is difficult to raise in rural regions of developing countries and are generally

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    Water Treatment Plant

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